Review Baseball


Game to keep kids moving and having fun while they review specific facts. 6-8 players needed.

This game can be used to review facts about any subject, or quick math problems. It sounds a bit complicated but once you play it's very simple:

Questions should be prepared ahead of time on flash cards. At least 60 brief-answer questions should be ready in a stack. You will also need two dice, a scorecard, three objects for bases, and room to move around.

- 1 player is the Umpire, who will be asking the questions
- Rest of people divide into two teams, one 'up at bat' and one 'in the field'.
One person on each team will be the dice roller,
or players can take turns rolling.

Set up three bases, it doesn't really matter how far apart they are. Wherever the umpire is, is home base. The team up at bat takes turns coming to the umpire to 'bat'.

The umpire asks them a trivia question (we did questions about how Canada was founded, like "Who was the first Prime Minister?" and "What effects did Europeans have on First Nations?", but you could do it with anything) and the person up to bat tries to answer the question. If they get it wrong, it's a 'fly ball' and the other team gets a chance to answer the question. If neither team can get it, nobody gets a point.

If the team up to bat gets it, their team's dice roller rolls a dice. If it's a 1, 5 or 6 they go to first base, if it's a 2 they go to second, a 3 they go to third and a 4 is a home run. If the other team gets it, they also roll the dice and do the same. The person who gets the question goes to whichever base they are supposed to and waits there.

You keep going until one team gets three outs, and then you switch. In the class we usually did 3 or 5 innings, and whoever has most points at the end wins.

It was surprisingly fun!

-- contributed by Hannah Zaitlin, age 12

Down to Grade/Age: 
3rd Grade
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Middle School