Run-on sentences and those that just run on, and on, and on

Grammar girl has a highly readable explanation of what a run-on sentence is and how to fix one depending on the writing style you want to achieve: - also available as a podcast.

Here is a fun example of a really long sentence, though not a run-on since it is all connected phrases:

Have you heard how Cuthbert Hatch
To find a gas leak struck a match
And thereby hastened his dispatch
To realms unknown to you and me
Who have not yet been foolishly
Inclined to leave posterity
To puzzle for itself just why

Adobe flash game-maker

'Sploder' looks promising - has game creators for different types of games :

Spelling practice online


This spelling website is the best we have found: systematic, graded lists, quick online quizzes with no distractions. Look at the word, listen to it and spell it. In one hour a kid can quickly review an entire grade level of spelling words if they are a fast typist. Or spend 5 minutes a day to stay a super speller.

sniplits for the car

Making the best use of the morning commute is a challenge, when kids are still sleepy and not ready for anything too challenging. One possibility is to play an audio snippet. To play in the car without wifi, save the file ahead of time by right-clicking on the link to the .mp3 and choosing 'Save link as...' or similar. has free podcasts about 'this day in history' with Garrison Keillor reading

Mark Twain snippets have been recorded and some of the funny bits are available here:

A little too equal.."Harrison Bergeron" online

This was recommended by teen volunteers at our public library, who also liked The Giver, Hunger Games and Brave New World : Harrison Bergeron

Online Grammar Exercises - roughly following Strunk & White

well written grammar exercises and explanations

full page world map prints on a full page, some other map sites print a smaller world map that is harder to label

High quality story starters

The 44 story starters on this site seem well thought out and intriguing:

Grammar Blast game

Online quiz/games for teaching grammar, broken down by grade and skill. Aimed at middle schoolers:

Note this is the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publisher's site, but is one of the better/most complete free resources I've found yet for grammar. The other resources on the site are so-so, so far as I've seen.

By the people who do - fun games with a mathematical basis. Kids don't even know they're doing math! (maybe that's why they changed the website name?)

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