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Jump Rope Time


Jumping rope is an excellent aerobic activity and something every young child can enjoy doing, alone or with others.

Try having a regular time when you turn up some active music - 60's and 70's rock and roll works well - and everyone in the family grab a jump rope, hula hoop or just do some kicks or aerobics. Borton Elementary school provides jump ropes and music before school every morning for their Kinder thru 2nd graders.

For young children trying to learn to jump rope, it helps if two older helpers turn a longer rope for them, or tie one end to a doorhandle.

Weighted jump ropes are easiest to learn with, a good inexpensive type has jointed plastic beads along the length of it.

It can be fun to read books related to any activity when starting on it. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett has jumping rope as a central activity (by which Mary becomes a bit happier child) and is available at most public libraries. It makes a good read-aloud book for children in this age group.

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