sniplits for the car

Making the best use of the morning commute is a challenge, when kids are still sleepy and not ready for anything too challenging. One possibility is to play an audio snippet. To play in the car without wifi, save the file ahead of time by right-clicking on the link to the .mp3 and choosing 'Save link as...' or similar. has free podcasts about 'this day in history' with Garrison Keillor reading

Mark Twain snippets have been recorded and some of the funny bits are available here:

Trace your own story


Combine guided practice with creativity in simple tracing exercise.

Use this tracing font to type something of interest to your child. For the youngest child their name, or a word or two on a favorite subject may be enough. For a slightly older preschooler, ask them to tell you a story or tell about a game they are playing. Type exactly what they say in the tracing font, and print it out using only the lower half of each page. Show your child their own words, then ask them to trace the letters and illustrate their story.

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Dinner Diary


Simple literacy activity - start a 'dinner diary' and encourage kids to make entries. A parent may write the entries for younger children to illustrate.

Keeping a family diary is a fun way to remember events, special stories or funny things that someone said. Brief entries but with specific details or quotes are often the most fun to look over later. Children enjoy hearing their words read back to them at a later date, and writing down verbatim what very young children say can be quite entertaining!

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