Middle School Math Assessments


Standardized tests are part of the reality of modern schools, and although justifiably criticized they can also be a useful teaching tool. Ask your kids to take the test for their grade levels, without help, explaining that this is just a way to see what they might need help with and what they already understand. Tell them not to guess, but just circle any problem they don't understand.

After the test is complete, make a list of all the problems each child missed or circled. If they missed more than 2 or 3 problems, plan to work on a few at a time over a period of several days.

For each missed problem, do NOT tell the child how to do it - you want them to retake the test on their own later and figure it out for themselves. Instead, make several similar problems, including some with easier numbers, and have them work on the similar problems, with help if necessary, until they can work the problems independently.

A week later, after having gone over the problem areas, ask your child to take the test again. Repeat as many times as necessary, to make sure your child is mastering the content areas and the ability to handle standardized tests - which is a skill in itself, one they are going to need to get through school.

6th Grade Math Assessment
7th Grade Math Assessment

from Mathematics Education @ Northern Kentucky University / Kentucky Center for Mathematics

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