Cooperative Reading Bingo


Simple, no-pressure reading game. Adult and child take turns covering a bingo board that has pairs of words. The child chooses which word to read each turn.

A few key elements of this game: because the child can choose which word to read, he has control over the level of difficulty he is comfortable with. The pairs of words allow the adult to help inobtrusively by choosing a difficult word on her turn, which the child may or may not decide to pay attention to and learn from. The child feels free and is not subject to direct instruction or correction.

For added incentive, the markers may be pennies, raisins, beads or some other attractive object which the child can keep or eat at the end of the game.

The words on the board can be jointly chosen by the child and adult, or can be chosen based on the child's reading level. A useful resource is a list of the most common English words such as the one at

The same type of board can be used for standard/competitive bingo, particularly if older children want to play too. In this case the adult and younger child can play as a team, each covering one of the pair of words.

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